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ZX81This site is dedicated to the vast number of people who, having discovered the ZX Sinclair Spectrum in the early eighties, have come to realise that now in the 21st century, the only real use a PC has, is to run the many available Speccy emulators that magically transport us to where we truly belong: 1982!

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It's all about the hardware! Check out the beginnings of the Speccy, the add-ons and the improvements that followed throughout the eighties. © 2004-2012 Copyright

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Relive your Speccy with the convenience of an emulator on your PC.

Even today programmers are still writing software for the Sinclair Spectrum. The speccy spawned a generation of machine code programmers who can now be seen employed in some of the worlds biggest software houses. Even the software publishers can still be seen and are activity involved in consoles such as the Playstation - i.e. Codemasters.

ZXSpeccy Guestbook.Of course a dedicated following has actively followed the speccy, and its presence on the Internet was a natural progression. is one such dedication to the finest computer ever (and will ever be) built. Click on the guestbook to leave your mark with other Speccy fans.

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