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Some Interesting Facts
A sadler's Wells Company ballet was given in 1953 starring Kenneth MacMillan and Stanley Holden!

In 1951, a Sherlock Holmes room was reconstructed during the Festival of Britain. This brought together many of the founders of the current Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Holmes loses two of his clients that were in his care. Sherlock Holmes assists (or competes) in over 30 cases with the police. Mostly from Scotland Yard.

Holmes is never described smoking a calabash, yet it is rare to see an actor or picture of Holmes not smoking one.

Holmes's brother helps him in three cases.

There are 56 short stories and 4 Novels about Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes publishes 'Practical handbook of Bee Culture, with some observations upon the segregation of the Queen.

Contrary to popular belief, Holmes has never said the exact phrase: 'Elementary, my dear Watson'.

Holmes bought a cheap fiddle at the Lowther Arcade, which turned out to be a Stradivarius.

The tales of Edgar Allen Poe had encouraged Doyle to write of mystery before Holmes.

The first English Edition of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' was published in 1902.

Sherlock Holmes injected himself with cocaine as a 'recreational' habit.

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