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Sherlock Holmes

The creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is fiction's most famous detective, renowned for his unique powers of deduction. To many he is the eccentric, intellectual detective immortalised by Sidney Paget and actors as the man with the deerstalker and drop stem pipe.

mrholmes is designed as a tribute to the greatest deductive reasoner that fiction has ever produced- Mr. Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, 221b Baker St, London.

But Holmes was a far darker character than he is sometimes perceived; solitary and prone to narcotic addiction. So popular was he, that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had to revive him after killing him off in 1893!

Holmes and Moriarty fought on the path of the Reichenbach Falls where Holmes utilised his skills of baritsu. With his colleague Dr. Watson, he solved the most complex and intriguing crimes ever written and battled with his nemesis, Professor Moriarty, to the death... and beyond.

The era in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's mysteries were published, saw the rise of Scotland Yard as a legendary organisation for criminal detection with advances in forensic medicine, the science of deduction and criminal analysis.

The American Sherlockian scholar, J.F.Christ, developed a system of coded abbreviations to represent each of the 60 stories in the Canon.

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