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Full Name: 'Monty Mole'
Monty Mole

Battling through flying pickets, man-eating fish, crushers and drills, Monty escapes to emerge in Arthur's Castle!

Monty Mole is a platform character. Encountering the various elements that characterise the genre: combinations of platforms, building blocks, ropes and ladders, teleporters and more.

The style is similar throughout the games series, with the notable exception of 'Monty is innocent'- this title veers slightly from the monty formula in both the graphics and gameplay.

Appeared in:

Wanted: Monty Mole
Monty on the Run
Monty is Innocent
Aufwiedersehen Monty

Monty Mole's Vitals:
Appearances: 4
1st Game: Wanted: Monty Mole
First Appeared: 1985
Genre: Platform
Full Name: Monty Mole
Size (hxw): 15x13 Pxls
Mobility: + jump




Wanted: Monty Mole
Wanted: Monty Mole

Don't forget the bucket on the first screen!Monty Mole makes a daring bid to raid his local South Yorkshire pit to snatch coal.

Seizing his only chance of toppling the great man, Monty collects the secret ballot papers and vote casting scroll. But Arthur's no fool when it comes to the heavy stuff and his personal bodyguards put up a struggle.

Monty on the Run
Monty on the Run

An brilliant sequel! All the elements of the first game (crushers included) with the added experience of a whole new adventure. Monty must select 5 items from the 'Freedom Kit' prior to adventure.

The succees monty depends on the items that he chooses here. I can recall the Gas Mask, Jetpac, Rope, Passport...maybe, but i could be wrong!

Monty is Innocent
Monty is Innocent

The style is similar throughout the games series, with the notable exception of the third installment'- this title wanders a bit from the monty series in both the graphics and gameplay. The graphics are bolder and more colourful with plenty of ghosties and other unpleasantries that are scattered throughout the levels and prison.

But it lacks the allure of both Wanted Monty Mole, and Monty on The Run.

Aufwiedesrshen Monty
AufWiedereshen Monty

Screenshot from the 128 version of Auf Wiedersehen Monty.

Similar format to the original Mole series. Gameplay is equally good and the graphics are faithfully similar.