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Rt. Hon. Charlemagne 'Charlie' Fotheringham-Grunes

An intriguing adventure/platform for both our installments of Charlie. The First: Nodes of Yesod, is a well crafted and beautifully animated adventure where we find Charlie wandering on the moon surface, looking for a mole. This mole will play a significant role in your adventures - both Nodes and Arc, and is used to help discover secret chambers or shortcuts to other rooms throughout the cavernous environment. Your ultimate goal being to collect all eight 'Alchiems' which are scattered throughout the caverns.

Appeared in:

Nodes of Yesod
Arc of Yesod

Charles' Vitals:
Appearances: 2
First Game: Nodes of Yesod
First Appeared: April 1983
Genre: Platformer
Full Name: (as above)
Size (hxw): 32x20 Pxls
Mobility: + jump + use



Nodes of Yesod
Nodes of Yesod

Nodes and Arc both employ excellent graphics and gameplay. Sound has a nice balance and animation cannot be faulted. 'Charlie' has gone subterranean!

Charlie must search the underground for all 8 'alchiems' whilst avoiding all manner of nasties in most of the caverns.


Arc of Yesod
Arc of Yesod

Your friendly mole is used to great effect (see screenshot). This allows him to release the mole underground and search for hidden doors to new areas and more rooms. This will be necessary to find all the gems hidden throughout the game.


Charlie on the moon!
On the surface..

Roam the surface of the moon and wait until you come across a mole who emerges briefly from one of the craters. You can drop into the caves without collecting the mole, however your progress will be limited in the game if you fail to catch him.

You only need to catch the mole once - usually at the beginning of the game.

Good luck Charlie!