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Full Name: 'Dizzy'

The first of many appearances 1987 by 'Dizzy'. Written by 'The Oliver Twins' and published by Codemasters- a budget seller, he sold no less than 250,000 copies. Average cost was £2.99 per game -no doubt this weighed much in Dizzy's favour to many of the more expensive £6 to £14.99 range- a hefty sum 22 years ago!
However, this does not infer that the game was any the lesser for it. On the contrary, Dizzy's first adventure had a tremendous allure by its cartoon-type sprites, quirky characters, good sound and tricky puzzles - all the ingredients for an addictive and well designed game with the guaranteed line of quality sequels.

Appeared in:

Treasure Island Dizzy Fantasy World Dizzy
Magicland Dizzy Spellbound Dizzy
Prince of the Yolkfolk Panic Dizzy
Down the Rapids Dizzy Bubble Dizzy
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy

Dizzy's Vitals:
Appearances: 8+
First Game: Dizzy
First Appeared: April 1987
Genre: Platform/Adventure
Full Name: Dizzy
Size (hxw): 20x23 Pxls
Mobility: +jump







Treasure Island Dizzy
Treasure Island Dizzy

Collect items and place them strategically in the many locations to allow progression in the game. Dizzy's animation is smooth and the rolls are great. Colour, sound and graphics all compliment each other and bring great playability to the Dizzy series.
Takes a little thought and perseverance, but this all adds to our spherically-challenged hero's charm..


Magicland Dizzy
Magicland Dizzy

The fourth in the popular series, and just as popular as its predecessors. Great fun and no lack of brain-teasing puzzels which is the trademark of our hero.

The graphics are all the trademark cartoon-type with a impressive amount of colour and detail. Dizzy himself is the same as in the original game with all its jumps and cute little rolls. It's the addictive nature and the good playability of the series that kept Dizzy rolling!


Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk
Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk

Like the previous Dizzys, the beginning is rather easy and progressively gets more difficult as you solve more tasks.

By his sixth introduction however, Dizzy had spawned many clones and perhaps had lacked some of originality of the puzzle challenges and other areas.

Hmmm. Is that a jug of water, firewood and some matches i see before me...