ZXSpeccy.com is a dedication to the most popular computer during the 80's. Its appeal -even today- is a testament to its creator & genius: Sir Clive Sinclair.


This site is a dedication to the greatest computer in existence and its creator - Sir Clive Sinclair . It has been an ongoing labour since 2004 and is updated regularly.

There are plenty of good sites currently paying homage to the Spectrum computer and all its glory, however i wanted to create something for every fan in ZXSpeccy.com

By this i mean a brief background of the hardware and the man himself. But to also have a look at the magazines of the time (with links to their online digital form) whilst focusing on the heart of the Spectrum - the games!

Like other similar web content, ZXSpeccy is not spared the expense of running the site and improving its content, so any donation is humbly received.

Thank you for taking the time to visit ZXSpeccy.com